Our medias

In a world where digital era is omnipresent, Antares studio has succeeded in offering content to internet users a moment of relaxation and playful aspect. We are so glad to have a loyal community that’s inspire us day after day!

About us

Our passionate teams, produce contents on different channels and platforms. Under the name Topsib Thailand, Topsib girls and soon Topsib movies. You can discover tons of videos.

Entertainment has never been so handy!

From 2 people to a team of 20 people

In 2017, Antares Studio started with 2 people in a small room, then after become more popular. Our teams grew up with over 20 people! Without including freelancers, who without them Topsib could not be what it is today.

In a vision of constant development, our ambitions is to expand throughout Asia

The Team

Our team is composed of videos editors, contents writers, proofreaders, fact checkers and voice actors.
We are actively hiring new talents in our team with common passion, entertaining people!

Video Editors

The magic to describe a text into a dynamic video to open access, a large public.

Contents Writers

Unearth information and find the one that appeals to the greatest number.


Implement information and bring to the surface the most relevance

Fact Checkers

Ensure that the information is reliable and guarantees confidence

Voice Actors

The soul of a video will never be without a voice

Antares around the world

Antares is available in 4 languages across social medias